Archives for November 2012

The Art of the Silhouette

Silhouettes – portraits cut out of black paper and mounted onto contrasting (usually white) paper – first came into fashion in the mid 1700s.  Before the invention of photography, silhouettes were a quick and inexpensive way to record a person’s image in profile, and so they became quite popular.  By the late 1800s, silhouettes gave way to photography as the most popular way to have one’s portrait made.  It is increasingly difficult to find a skilled silhouette artist who can produce these wonderfully unique portraits.

We at Bull City Craft feel lucky to have booked professional silhouette artist Zachary Murray to visit the store and cut silhouette portraits for you and your family!  Silhouettes make delightful gifts – or you can keep the silhouette for yourself to decorate your own home!  Why decide?  After the first $25 silhouette, copies of the same image are $10 apiece.  You can keep one, and give one or more as gifts!

Zachary has been professionally cutting freehand silhouette portraits for the past eight years.  We are sure that you will be as delighted with your silhouette as we have been with his work in the past!

Zachary Murray will be in the store on Saturday, November 24 from 10am until 5pm.  Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!  Call the store at 919-419-0800, or e-mail us at Bull City Craft so that you can reserve a time to have Zachary cut silhouettes for you and your family!

Teachers’ Stress Relief Party

Every day, hundreds of teachers all over Durham and the surrounding areas share their excitement and love of learning with children.  As Thanksgiving approaches, we are thankful for YOU TEACHERS!!  Thank you for the love you give the children each day, thank you for the energy you devote to them — thank you for the creativity you inspire in them!

Tomorrow night, Thursday November 15, we are celebrating teachers at Bull City Craft with a Teachers’ Stress Relief Party.  From 4-6pm, gather with your fellow teachers from around the Durham area to relax, share in the free refreshments, and relieve stress through conversation and crafting.

We are offering some budget relief as well – teachers will receive 20% off of all purchases made in our store from 4-6pm tomorrow evening.  That’s 20% off of crafting and art supplies, stationary, toys – everything! Your purchases don’t have to be for your students; they can be just for you, too!

So leave your planners at school – we have made all of the preparations!  At Bull City Craft, we are looking forward to taking care of you teachers for the evening, as a small token of thanks for all you do to take care of our city’s children all year long!