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Crafts for Preschoolers

For Mommy and Me Art, we love to draw inspiration from books for our projects. Creating a craft after reading a book is a great way to extend an activity and add some skill building to story time. For preschoolers, we like crafts that use several different materials to keep them engaged.

I loved the way these adorable heart and bird bracelets for My Little Sweetheart by Sara Gillingham turned out. Paige combined watercolor hearts that had crayon resist messages from mom with felt birds. The bird shapes can be precut and your little one can help glue everything onto a paper towel cuff.

bracelet craft

The cuff bracelet can be adapted for lots of crafts, and kids love them. Just split a paper towel roll vertically and them slice into 1″-2″ bands. Anything can be used to decorate them and turn them into bracelets. Just slip them on, or for a more secure bracelet, punch holes in each end and tie with yarn or ribbon.

bird heart bracelet



Intuitive Images with SoulCollage®

I’ve always loved collage. In college, I used to cut up magazine and make collage postcards to send to me high school friends at other schools (hey, this was before facebook!) When I met Amy and heard about SoulCollage®, I knew we had to have a workshop at Bull City Craft. One of my main visions for Bull City Craft is to create a creative space for the community, and SoulCollage seems to fit perfectly.

Still, I didn’t really understand what SoulCollage® is until I took the workshop myself. The collages become personal tarot cards or postcards to yourself. Amy teaches you not only how to make them, but also how to use them to inspire yourself and to reflect. It really got me thinking about different parts of my life that I don’t get to spend much time on right now, but that are still a part of me.

Here are some of the cards I made. If you are interested in trying it yourself, check the calendar to see when we are offering the workshop again!