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Drawing Basics

I’m currently teaching “Drawing and Painting Food and Flowers for Kids” and this summer I’ll be teaching an adult version at the Durham Arts Council. Yesterday we talked about some drawing basics that can really apply to anything that you want to draw.

First, think about techniques and materials. You can draw a simple contour line drawing with pencil or pen, a shaded drawing with pencil or charcoal, or a color drawing using any combination of colored pencil, markers, or pastels. Color can be flat for a more graphic effect, or layered with shading for a 3D effect. Experiment with materials and techniques to find one that you love.

Drawing Food at Bull City Craft

Next, what to draw? Of course you can get ideas from your memory or imagination, but often it helps to start with a reference. Reference material can include drawings by others, photographs, and drawing from life (the actual objects or people). Copying a drawing is the easiest and best way to learn to draw something–artists have used this method for centuries. After practicing by copying, then you can move on to drawing from photos and from life and develop your own style.

Happy drawing!

Drawing Flowers at Bull City Craft