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Painted Pumpkins

Last week I had the pleasure of appearing on My Carolina Today to decorate pumpkins with the hosts Valonda and Mike. It was a lot of fun! Mike was very warm and funny, and Valonda was gorgeous and absolutely sparkled in person.

Bull City Craft on My Carolina TodayWe have also been decorating pumpkins at the store for a family craft event and drop in crafts. I wanted to give a bit more detail on how I made each pumpkin. I used papier maché pumpkins, which are great because you can save them and use them again. They are also very lightweight. You could easily use these techniques on real pumpkins.

Bull City Craft pumpkins

The first pumpkin I did is a monster pumpkin, inspired by our monster doll kits. I painted the pumpkin black and painted a neon green oval for the face. I also added a little black glitter paint around the face.

Bull City Craft monster pumpkinThen for the fun part! I cut out a felt mouth and felt circles, then I popped googly eyes on top.

Bull City Craft monster pumpkin

For the next one, I realized I needed something really quick and easy that could be completed on a very short TV segment. I prepped the pumpkin with neon orange paint and a neon green stem. I found that the neon paint was not very opaque, so I used 2-3 coats and mixed it with a little white. I sprinkled some superfine glitter onto the stem. Then for my genius idea–skull and crossbones duct tape! I cut the tape into triangles encircled the pumpkin with a banner of tape, similar to a cute pumpkin I had seen on Pinterest. For the final touch, I added green jewels reminiscent of leaves.

We use Platypus Designer Duct Tape, which is from a local company in Raleigh. They have great designs and the tape has a nicer feel, almost like fabric. Plus the guys who started the company are super nice! They taught us the parchment paper trick–  I put strips of tape onto parchment paper and then cut them into any shape I want. It makes it much easier to work with.

Platypus Designer Duct Tape

For the last pumpkin, I painted it white and used wood grain duct tape for the stem. For a Raleigh “City of Oaks” theme, I drew and painted oak leaves of different sizes using neon pink and orange.

I was really happy with the combination of traditional and unusual elements. When we let the kids make pumpkins with these same materials, they came up with some really fun ideas!