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Guest Post from a Wonderful Customer

Okay, true confessions should be first:  I am originally from Durham, grew up there, graduated from Durham High School back when it was still known as DHS.  Now, the confession part, I’m in North Raleigh.  Don’t hold that against me.  I am a believer in Durham, tout its great vibe, good funk, and wonderful variety to any who will listen.  And, I get over there any chance I can.
Almost always when I am in Durham, I will stop by Bull City Craft.  Love to check out what’s new; but, my real reason for being there is to play with Frances and visit some with Franklin.  First, I had to earn Frances’ confidence as, to begin with, I was a stranger.  After a few visits, I was someone she recognized but still wasn’t so sure of.  Then, a magic moment, we both were looking at the wooden pull toys, one of us (can’t remember who) made a rumbly motor sound.  Then, we both started ‘talking’ by using elongated vowels in conversational tones.  The conversation didn’t last that long; but, it was long enough for us to bond.  When I visit now, I can pick up where I left off and just have more art fun with Frances.  Very nice.
It’s always good to see Franklin.  It’s hard to have an on-going conversation with him as customers come in the store and have questions.  Also, the phone is ringing and needs attention.  In between, I get to catch-up with this warm, generous, good-hearted man.  This loving family has created a place that is safe, full of art, and celebrates all that is positive and good about being human.
 I recommend that you visit it as often as you can, as I do.
Deborah Gary Brogden, DHS class of ’67