Art Supplies

art supplies paint brushesWe carry a wide range of fine art supplies, and we are happy to order any supplies to help you with your project. We carry  Golden acrylic paints, Van Gogh watercolor paints. and M. Graham watercolors and gouache.  We have painting and drawing supplies such as brushes, canvases, paper, drawing pencils, and paper.
art supplies M. Graham paint

Other products we’ve added:
• Higgins drawing ink in a variety of colors
• A new brand of canvas in a wider range of sizes
• Prismacolor art markers

We have art supplies for kids including crayons made with vegetable dyes, markers that don’t dry out when the cap is left off, and finger paint in easy to use tubes. We have everything your budding artist needs to make a masterpiece!

Our craft supplies include felt supplies, markers, paper punches and edgers, and craft books. We have basics like Mod Podge, scissors, and a variety of glues and tapes. We also have some unique craft kits.