Saturday Playcraft

Playcraft at Bull City Craft

Holiday Hours: Closing early at 2pm on Saturday, 12/23. CLOSED on Monday 12/25, Tuesday 12/26, and Wednesday 12/27. 

December 9: Playcraft is open 10am-11am and 1:30-3pm.

November 25: Playcraft is open 10am-5pm.

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours: Open 10am-6pm Tuesday (11/21), Wednesday (11/22).
CLOSED Monday (11/20), Thursday (11/23), and Friday (11/24).

November 18: Playcraft is open 12-5pm.

November 11: Playcraft is open 1:30-3pm.

September 23: Playcraft is CLOSED.

September 16: Playcraft is open 12-5pm.

September 9: Playcraft is open 10am-1pm and 4-5pm. 

August 12: Playcraft is CLOSED. We will also be closed on Monday, August 14.

August 5: Playcraft is open 12-5pm.

July 8: Playcraft is open 12-5pm.

July 1: Playcraft is open 3:30-5pm. We will be CLOSED on Monday, July 3 and Tuesday, July 4.

June 10: Playcraft is open 12-5pm.

May 27: Playcraft is open 10am-5pm. (Note: we will be closed on Monday for Memorial Day.)

May 20: Playcraft is open 12-5pm.

May 13: Playcraft is open 10am-5pm.

May 6: Playcraft is open 10am-5pm.

April 29: Playcraft is open 11:30am-3:30pm.

April 22: Playcraft is open 10am-5pm.

April 15: We will be CLOSED.

April 8: Playcraft is open 10am-1:30pm and 3:30-5pm.

March 25: Playcraft is open 12-5pm.

March 18: Playcraft is open 10am-11:30am and 3:30pm-5pm.

March 11: Playcraft is open 12-5pm.

February 11: Playcraft is closed. Six birthday parties this weekend!

February 4: Playcraft is open 3:30-5pm (store is open all day).

January 28: Playcraft is closed all day (store is open).

January 14: Playcraft will be open 12-3pm.

January 7: Playcraft will be open 10am-5pm, weather permitting. Check our Facebook or Instagram for snow updates!

Week of December 26-31: Playcraft is open 10am-6pm Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Open 10am-3pm on Wednesday and Saturday.

December 24: CLOSED. We will be CLOSED December 24-26. Regular hours resume on Tuesday, December 27.

December 17: Playcraft is open 12-5pm. Store is open 10am-5pm.

December 10: Playcraft is open 1:30-3:30pm. Store is open 10am-5pm.

December 3: Playcraft is open 2-5pm. Store is open 10am-5pm.

November 26: Playcraft is open all day, 10am-5pm! (No parties.)

November 19: Playcraft is open 12-1:30. Store is open 10am-5pm.

November 13: Closed all day for parties. (Store open.)

November 5:  Open 12-3pm


Top 3 Questions We Get Asked: #3 What can you do at Bull City Craft Annex?

Buy art supplies? YES!

Art Supplies Bull City Craft

Paint and Pour? YES!

Bull City Craft Annex Paint and Pour

Buy kids crafts and toys? YES!

BCC Annex Kids Pop Up Shop

Attend special events like the Annual Ornament Party? YES!

ornament pictures 009

Watch a demo for a DIY art or craft project on a Saturday afternoon? YES!

Mi-Teintes Paper Ornaments

Host a birthday party? No 🙁
The good news is, we do have a couple of alternatives we can offer:
– We can host the party in your home. We bring all craft supplies and activities, and provide 2 staff members to set up, lead the party, and clean up.
– We can host the party at an alternate location of your choosing. Some places we have held birthday parties include neighborhood clubhouses and community centers such as the JCC.

Drop by for Playcraft or Drop In Craft Porjects? No 🙁
The good news is, once the Homestead market location opens, we will have extended hours for Playcraft.

Top 3 Questions We Get Asked: #1 What Happened to Bull City Craft?

When we successfully funded our Kickstarter campaign back in June, we never could have imagined all the twists and turns that our journey to a new location has taken. We are infinitely stubborn and optimistic, and although there have been many setbacks, we are still determined to fulfill our dream of a reimagined Bull City Craft. Here’s a quick recap of the last few months.

June: Moved out of our University Drive location.
July: Found a space at Homestead Market that is the right size and has outdoor space, good parking, and a great coffee shop nearby 😉
August: Continued negotiations on the space at Homestead Market. Golden Belt approached us about opening an art supply outpost in the artist studios.
September: Opened our tiny shop at Golden Belt, Bull City Craft Annex. Signed a lease on the space at Homestead Market Shopping Center on Hwy 54.
October: Discovered that renovations at Homestead Market had been delayed and we would not receive the space until November.
November: During renovations, additional necessary repairs were discovered, causing further delays before we can move into the space at Homestead Market. In the meantime, we opened a Kids Pop Up Shop at the BCC Annex.

While our space at 105 W NC 54 is still under construction, we are making the most of our tiny shop, the Annex at Golden Belt, as well as events around town. Check out all our holiday events here.

BCC Annex Kids Pop Up Shop

Free Paper Craft Download: Truck!

We designed this truck for the Junior League’s Touch a Truck event. Just color and cut out! We made them with moveable wheels by cutting out card stock wheels with a 2″ circle punch and attaching with brads. You could also simply trace circles to make wheels.


Bull City Craft Paper Craft Truck

Easy Projects for Using Painted Papers

Bull City Craft: Painted Paper

At Bull City Craft, painted papers pile up. Frances paints a lot, and other children leave behind paintings from Preschool Playcraft. Sometimes the colors are so beautiful, especially the ones with liquid watercolor, that I hate to throw them away, so I’ve come up with a few fun uses for them. Of course, you can also paint papers yourself with these projects in mind. These projects can be made for the holidays, birthdays, or just for fun!

Bull City Craft: Painted Paper LabelsJar Labels

A 2″ circle punch, a hole punch, and some pens can turn painted paper into labels and gift tags. A 2″ paper circle fits perfectly on the top of mason jar lids to dress up gifts of candy or nuts. I used a white Sharpie paint pen to write the labels. A small hole punch turns the circles into pretty gift tags.

Bull City Craft: Paper BannerPaper Banner

Paper banners are so easy and festive. We use them at our birthday parties, but you could also make them in holiday colors and hang them on your mantel or in a doorway. We made one for Frances’ birthday with paper she decorated with washi tape.

Bull City Craft: Making Banners

For a 9″x12″ sheet of paper, cut it in half, and then you can cut three triangles out of each piece (two facing one way and one the other way in between them). A paper trimmer makes for quick work because you can cut several at a time. Punch holes in the corner of each and tie with ribbon or yarn.

Bull City Craft: Paper LanternPaper Lanterns

I got this idea from Frances’ preschool teacher at Appleseeds Home Nursery. There’s a bit of a learning curve here, but once you get the hang of it, they are quite addictive. The folding is too difficult for young children, but older children can do it, or at least help with the first few folds. You will need a square paper, and 12″x12″ makes a good size for small jam jar candles. Rub the paper with coconut oil, or warm the oil and brush it on. Wipe off the excess with a towel. This will make the paper translucent. Then follow instructions here for folding.

Paper Penguin Craft

Bull City Craft Paper Penguins


Who doesn’t like penguins? Especially when you can give them polka-dotted wings and bow ties! Download our penguin paper craft, color as desired, and cut out. Then punch holes and attach wings with paper fasteners. Penguins are fun to pose!

Best Birthday Party Ever

At Bull City Craft, we’ve hosted hundreds of birthday parties and we’ve learned a lot about how to have a party that is fun for kids and stress-free for adults. September through November is always our busiest birthday party season, and Frances’ birthday is also in the fall. As we plan all of these parties, we wanted to share our tips on hosting parties for kids.

birthday sign

1. A Grand Entrance

Remember that moment when you walked into your wedding reception and all your friends and family were waiting and applauding your arrival? You can recreate that amazing feeling for your child on every birthday by having him or her arrive after the guests. Arrange to have someone bring the birthday child a few minutes after the party starts. The grand entrance gets the party off to a fun start!


2. Time of Day

Start early. Our most frequently booked party time is 11:00am. All the sugar and excitement that comes with parties can be a road to meltdown city for some kids. Younger children especially fare better in the morning before they get too tired or hungry.


3. Length of Party

Keep it short. At parties for younger children, the kids might have the stamina for a three hour tour, but the parents will be ready to go after an hour and a half. For older kids who will be dropped off, parents are happy to let the party go on! Save your own sanity and don’t make it too long.

chalkboard birthday banner

4. Number of Guests

It depends. Does your child seek out quiet corners by herself, or does she love to be the center of attention? Is your son going to get lost in a party of 25 kids? Would he rather just have his core four or five friends at his party? Some of the best parties at Bull City Craft have been a smaller groups. Also consider that until age five, most parents stay at the party with their child and may also bring siblings.

birthday sign

5. Pacing the Party

Provide a balance of structured activities and time for open-ended play. Whether at Bull City Craft or at home, we like to start parties with simple activities that need no guidance, like play dough or toys. Once everyone has arrived and had time to greet each other and acclimate to the party atmosphere, then we move on to more structured activities like a game or craft. Save the cake for last, and don’t forget to take a group photo before the sugar takes effect!

original chalkboard sign

6. Special Touches

You don’t have to plan a Pinterest-perfect party to make your child’s party fun and memorable. Think back on your childhood parties– what you really remember is that feeling of excitement and having all your friends around you. Choose just one thing and make it really special– a spectacular cake, a funny game, or handmade party favors. For us, it’s our personalized “happy birthday” chalkboard signs (pictured here throughout the years). You really don’t have to go overboard on every aspect of the party.

Halloween Treat

Pumpkin Craft

Free download of pumpkin jack-o-lantern craft from Bull City Craft

Free download! Print the pumpkin (we used orange paper, but you can use white paper and color it). Cut out the pumpkin, the semi-circle inside the pumpkin, and the circle. Punch a hole in the center of the circle and on the edge of the semi-circle and attach the two pieces with a paper fastener. The circle will spin to reveal the different eyes for the jack-o-lantern. For extra fun, flip the pumpkin over and draw your own mouth and eyes, or add a body made from scraps!

Most Popular Camp Crafts

I’ve started planning activities for camps this summer, and it got me thinking about what activities and projects have been the most popular in years past. Here are the kid favorites from each of our camps.

Crafty Critters Camp: Art with Animals

Sure, moms love the cute owls made from paper tubes and hermit crabs made from their child’s tiny hand prints, but preschool aged kids are really more interested in the process than the product. Playing with animal figures in play dough and paint is a fun favorite with our littlest campers.

Crafty Critter Camp Animals with Play Dough Bull City Craft

Color Camp: Fizzy Color Mixing

We do a lot of color experiments at Color Camp, and one of the most fun is Fizzy Color Mixing. I fill trays with baking soda, mix vinegar with liquid watercolor (or food color), and give the kids droppers. As they drip and drop the colors onto the baking soda, it fizzes and bubbles in a crazy color mix!

Color Camp at Bull City Craft

Artist Camp: Ice Cream Puppets

What could be a better combination than ice cream + puppet?! I got this idea from the book Every Day’s A Holiday by Heidi Kenney. I thought it would be a fun way to engage kids with the whimsical illustrations of Andy Warhol and the luscious dessert paintings of Wayne Thiebaud. At Artist Camp, we stash all the artwork away until the end of the week for a big art show and reception, but the kids could not wait to take these home as soon as they made them!


Fashion Craft Camp: Sharpie Mock Tie-Dye

I think the girls could have spent the whole day, and possibly the whole week, on this activity. They loved drawing the circular designs with Sharpies. Watching the designs transform into “tie-dye” was fun too, and the final shirts were gorgeous.


Frances’ Favorite Crafts

Kinderstil, an online retailer of children’s apparel and gifts based in Raleigh, recently invited me to write a guest post for their blog. I wrote about some of Frances’ favorite craft materials and activities during her first three years. Here’s a quick rundown of the list. You can read the full post here.

1. Rainbow Rice

Bull City Craft Rainbow Rice2. Paint with Water

Bull City Craft DIY Paint with Water3. Felt Shapes

Bull CIty Craft Felt Shapes

4. Paint Glue

Bull City Craft glue paint

5. Tape

Bull City Craft washi tape